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Customer Testimonials


I wanted to learn how to play the electric guitar for years but was never able to motivate myself on my own to stick with it. Thanks to Guitar Lessons Fresno, they gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to continue even when I was struggling or feeling discouraged. Now I can play solos and riffs I never imagined I would be playing with ease. Thank you so much for all you guys do!

Tracy H.


My lessons began a few years ago learning the acoustic guitar. I was nervous to learn because when I tried teaching myself I could never seem to play the chords right and make it sound good. My instructor taught me how to properly hold my guitar and the best way to place my fingers on the frets to get a good clean sound. Now I can play any chord I want and make it sound good.

Terrence J.


My grandson wanted to learn guitar so he could play along with his favorite songs. I wasn’t so sure he would like it at first, but I signed him up anyway. His instructor was so engaging he was always sad to leave his lessons each week and was always hungry for more. Thank you so much for teaching the children the power of music.

Yolanda I.

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