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Welcome to Guitar Lessons Fresno. We want to be your number one facility to meet all of your guitar lessons needs.

If you want to learn how to play guitar, you have had some questions already in order to find our website. Questions like are there guitar lessons near me, are there good guitar lessons in Fresno CA, how much are guitar lessons, or are there any good guitar teachers near me? Guitar Lessons Fresno has answers to all of those questions and more!

We are your facility to attend if you are ready to start taking guitar lessons. Why? That is because we offer many different services to help cater to everyone’s individual guitar playing goals.

Our services range from different age groups from kids to adults. We also have guitar lessons for beginners and guitar lessons for advanced guitar players. We also offer different kinds of guitar lessons such as electric, bass, and acoustic.

If you want to learn and master guitar, our facility is here to serve you, as we have for years. Our local guitar teachers have helped countless students with local Fresno guitar lessons that are easily accessible and relevant to whatever their personal guitar goals are.

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About Us

About Guitar Lessons fresno

We have been serving the Fresno area for many years, and want to serve you too! Our instructors have a wonderful experience making the material not only relatable to their current student but making it fun too!

We remember learning an instrument for the very first time, we know it can be frustrating at times. When you decide to learn guitar you are accepting a challenge that not many may be up for. Your guitar teacher from Guitar Lessons Fresno will be there for you every step of the way.

That is our mission, to help our students every step of the way so they can remain on the path to success. We want you to reach your guitar playing goals whatever they may be.

We employ locally so you can guarantee your Fresno guitar teacher has some sort of insight into the musical community. If you are looking to join a band, play small venues on your own, or simply play for friends. Your local guitar teacher from Fresno CA can help.

Why Choose Us?

Wanting to learn to play guitar is a wonderful goal in itself. We want to assist you in any way we can to help you reach your goal.

Our instructors are wonderful at making the material not only relatable but exciting to learn too! This is especially important when it comes to teaching children and making sure they truly retain the material.

Our combined experience brings you not only accurate knowledge regarding your instrument, but it allows us to find a guitar teacher that best fits your needs. Our instructors can offer knowledge regarding finding a specific tone for your amp. Or maybe offer knowledge regarding electronic equipment regarding your guitar.

This is equally important when you are wanting to learn a specific genre of music you find most interesting. Our instructors know many different types of genres and know special techniques relating to that genre.

Our instructors understand the breakdown of different types of songs and what sounds really make that genre stand out compared to others.

Our facility is run by three specific virtues that we believe can be applied to any student. These virtues (if applied properly) can help you really stand out as a student. They can help you to really push yourself and grow to achieve all the goals you wish.

These virtues are:

  • Dedication
  • Independence

When you learn an instrument you must be dedicated. You have to dedicate time and energy every day to practice and continue learning. When you find yourself struggling with an idea or technique, you must really push yourself at these times and dedicate yourself to succeeding in your personal music goals.

This is especially important when practicing at home. It is one thing to come to lessons every week and be responsible. However, there is much more independence needed to make sure you are pushing yourself to practice and learn at home. This is where most of your learning comes from!

What To Expect?

First, we want you to know that you can always expect the same instruction and care in your lessons. This is regardless of any instructor you are working with, or any subject. You can always expect us to be there for you, the student.

When you come to your first lessons we will begin by asking about you. We want to know about your experience with the guitar. Have you ever played before? Have you ever played in a band? If you have never played the guitar do you have any experience with other instruments?

Next, we want to ask about your goals. What is a particular music genre you wish to learn or write? Who are your favorite guitar players and why? What are some specific songs you would love to learn to play?

After asking more about you we will review our lesson planner. This notebook will go into detail about the material you can expect to learn during the duration of your lessons with us. You will discover music theory you will learn, or playing techniques you will learn.

Then we will review our lesson lengths you can choose from. They are either thirty minutes or an hour long. We will then come to an agreement on lesson times and which day of the week works best for you.



beginner guitar lessons fresno

guitar lessons for Beginners

Don’t feel discouraged by the fact that you are an absolute beginner. This is actually a good thing! We prefer building our student's foundation and only building them up from there. When you start with our guitar lessons for beginners, we begin with the very basics and add on to these lessons to help you be an advanced player. An advanced player that has a strong technique.

kids guitar lessons fresno

guitar lessons for kids

We pride ourselves on our guitar lessons for kids. Not only do our instructors make the material incredibly relatable to a young mind, but they make it fun! Kids have enjoyed coming to learn about the guitar from us for years and we hope to teach your child as well.

fresno bass guitar lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons

Don’t care much to play lead guitar solos? Perfect, we have the instrument for you! Our bass guitar lessons cover the basics and work up to advanced lessons. We will review rhythm and tempo and how much fun it can be! We will also teach you special techniques specific to the bass such as slap bass.

fresno electric guitar lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

Our electric guitar lessons start with the beginner lessons and all the way to advanced lessons. We will cover various aspects of the electric guitar and how they work. We also cover strumming techniques, music theory, and scales. You will be prepared to be hitting those hard riffs and solos in no time!

fresno acoustic guitar lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Our acoustic guitar lessons will have you performing in front of others in no time. Whether you choose to play a big stage or in front of your friends around a campfire. Our lessons will give you the confidence you need to make this happen. We will start with basics such as how to play guitar chords, strumming techniques, and more!

fresno classical guitar lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons

Our classical guitar lessons are a sure way to show off your guitar playing abilities. When you take our classical guitar lessons, you will learn material such as playing chords and playing multiple notes within those chords at the same time.

fresno guitar lessons for adults

Guitar Lessons for Adults

Our guitar lessons for adults begin in the teenage years and go up from there! Whether you are an adult who has played the guitar throughout their life or an adult who has never played the guitar. Either way, we can help you learn!

Service Area

About Fresno CA

This wonderful city lies at the base of Yosemite National Park. Which is known for its waterfalls and giant rock formations. Fresno is home to the Chaffee Zoo where visitors can visit Sea Lions and a stingray touch pool.

The population of Fresno is 1,010,120. The sales tax rate is 8.0%. The unemployment rate sits at 6.5% while the national average is at 3.7%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Clovis
  • Madera
  • Kerman
  • Fowler
  • Del Rey
  • Biola
  • Friant
  • Raisin City
  • And so many surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I play electric guitar or acoustic guitar?

This decision is completely up to you and unfortunately, we can offer little help in your decision making. Before you begin your lessons we recommend reviewing the services we offer. We also advise you to look up information on some of your favorite songs you enjoy listening too. We also advise you to research songs you wish to learn how to play. Find a theme within these songs. Are they rhythm or lead? What kind of genre? Ask yourself these questions and do more research on the guitars themselves and base your decision on this information.

Am I expected to use a guitar pick?

Yes, we expect you to learn how to use one, and we ask you to bring one to each lesson. While we do teach you to pick the strings with your fingers there are many techniques that you will learn that require a pick. Guitar picks are especially useful when it comes to learning how to play the electric guitar.

Will I need to change my strings?

At some point, yes you will need to change the strings on your guitar. Just like walking in shoes for a long period of time, they eventually wear out. You may also experience breaking a string at some point during your playing. Don’t worry it is not very hard to do. We can help explain what to do and there are many videos we can recommend you watch as you change your strings.

Customer Testimonials


I wanted to learn how to play the electric guitar for years but was never able to motivate myself on my own to stick with it. Thanks to Guitar Lessons Fresno, they gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to continue even when I was struggling or feeling discouraged. Now I can play solos and riffs I never imagined I would be playing with ease. Thank you so much for all you guys do!

Tracy H.


My lessons began a few years ago learning the acoustic guitar. I was nervous to learn because when I tried teaching myself I could never seem to play the chords right and make it sound good. My instructor taught me how to properly hold my guitar and the best way to place my fingers on the frets to get a good clean sound. Now I can play any chord I want and make it sound good.

Terrence J.


My grandson wanted to learn guitar so he could play along with his favorite songs. I wasn’t so sure he would like it at first, but I signed him up anyway. His instructor was so engaging he was always sad to leave his lessons each week and was always hungry for more. Thank you so much for teaching the children the power of music.

Yolanda I.

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When you decide to learn guitar, there is no better choice than local Fresno guitar lessons. At Guitar Lessons Fresno we will prepare you for any and all scenarios and challenges you may face when achieving your guitar playing goals.

Please call us, or stop by our facility to sign up for your first lesson. Our instructors are always here for you and ready to answer any questions you may have. Call us today!

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